The past, present and future of Destiny.

I think that Bungie has been pretty upfront with the public as a whole about their plans for Destiny, which is something that not many companies can really say that they do. They are engaging their audience on different social media and across gaming platforms. Bungie and Destiny have become a part of popular culture. My wife knows what Bungie is and their corporate culture, AND SHE STILL SUPPORTS THEM. After all, how many corporations can you vouch for?

All of this draws attention away from the game itself. Destiny was planned as a 10 year game. Did perhaps people misinterpret that ideal, thinking that they would pay $60.00 and get a game with 10 years of value? Expansion packs and micro-transactions have long been considered a norm for video games to show a profit, why is the Destiny community suddenly balking, nay, up in arms, over the price point of the next expansion?

Let’s discuss that expansion for a moment. The Taken King will be roughly three times the size of both previous expansions put together. Does Bungie have to release it as Destiny 2 for gamers to get the hint? Bungie is not in the business of extorting its customers. I am often shocked at the abuse Bungie puts up with from the Destiny community, whom I have found to be most gracious and understanding to each other, but not the makers of the game.

It is simply put, time to make a decision. The truth is that I don’t really play any other video games anymore. Destiny is a constantly evolving and growing game that will seemingly never end. I never have to put down the controller and move on to the next game. It has become a way of life in much the same way that playing video games had originally been. My friends and family play it, we can keep in touch through it and discuss its many details and rich lore.

So am I willing to pay $40.00 for The Taken King? The real question is do I want to stay in this community for the next 10 years and at the same time support a company I believe in. And the answer is yes.