Struggling with Social Media

Some people don’t have a problem with social media. They breeze through the different sites and navigate the waters easily, never offending anyone and sort of helping to make the world a nice place in a way. We decry them for living “perfect” lives, lives that cannot be that great off media as well.

I’m not here to analyze that. I of course do have my opinions on that, (I have a shit ton of opinions) such as no one’s lives are that awesome lol. But that’s an opinion and I know it’s probably wrong. The reason I know it’s wrong is because everyone’s lives are different.

Some people go through life and it’s a breeze compared to others. They are born into affluence, no one dies or gets sick around them. But that’s chance. Another person leads the same life except their brother gets killed in Iraq or their loved one dies from illness. One change is all it takes. Now there are hundreds of thousands of personalities.

That person that you see on Twitter or Facebook or whatever, they don’t look like they have the perfect life because they haven’t, they don’t. Their words might seem angry or bitter, they may sound accusatory or even hateful. Are these people, with legitimate issues, to be lumped in the same category as what we refer to as trolls?

I was having a discussion with my brother, as we often do, about the nature of punishment and it’s alignment with morality. Their are different levels of punishment, if a person speeds they get fined, if a person murders, they go to jail, or even worse. This is an important distinction to note as it applies to all the spectrums of morality and personality. If we can acknowledge that their are levels of punishment for levels of criminality can we not also explicitly state that there is a spectrum of morality and that on the ok side of it there is room for billions of varities.

I for example have a very tough time. On Twitter I constantly fight the urge to reprimand and fight. My opinion, which while only an opinion, can carry a significant amount of power, even if no one reads it. Those that need to read it will, that’s how I choose to believe.

What inspired this post was personal, as so many things are. I recently reactivated my Facebook and had a few people unfriend me within a few days. That in and of itself is nothing special, I deleted about 20 or 30 people who I didn’t really know anymore.

But then I got messages from two different people. One told me that I had essentially abandoned them by leaving Facebook and the other was a family member essentially claiming the same thing, that I had denied them in some way access to pictures of my daughter or whatever stupid fucking insights I might have.

But you know what, it’s hard for people like me to be on social media and I’ll tell you why. It’s not a secret. See, at some point today a few years ago, I realized that there was a man, and many of his extended family, on Facebook as well. No surprise, most people are on Facebook. But this one gentleman, who we will call Yisroel Meyer Shapiro of Oak Park MI lol, molested me when I was about 8-9 years old.Everytime I would open the browser I was reminded of something so painful I had literally erased it from my memory for about 15 years. Because of a stupid fucking app. 

So many of the people out there that are filled with bitterness and hate, they are like that because we as a society let them down. In America, we as a nation move inexorably forward in our March towards hate and anger. It’s everywhere. The reason it is everywhere isn’t their fault, at least, not all of it. 

I’m not interested in assigning blame, who is more at fault. The broken are out there. They litter the streets asking for “handouts” to survive. 

There is no bigger way that we have failed as people than by not helping those that needed it. When we walked away from that responsibility as a nation we also lost any moral advantage we had. I don’t know when or why that happened, that would be a post for another day.

I also don’t want to harp or preach or say that there aren’t good people. It’s the opposite. I still believe that the good people are the majority of people. But it’s not good enough to be good in your heart, goodness requires action and sacrifice. That’s where the failure has happened. 


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