Intro to ALIVE

I have a sinking feeling that this post is going to be me rambling more than a cohesive one. As a writer, there are moments when the writing must be shared with the world and hopefully the writing will engage people. Hopefully they will have questions, comments, and dare I say it; praise or criticism. Either is valuable so long as it is the truth.

It’s difficult to be a writer. Self-motivated people only need apply. Not only for sitting down and actually putting words on paper or screen. If your vision is not singularly clear than others will chip away at it. Not just the subject you are writing about but you. Why bother writing, they will ask. On an intrinsic level this is most often a knee-jerk subconscious jealousy. That does not mean it will not affect the writer. The writer must write and has little choice in the matter. The ideas become an overwhelming and unstoppable flood. Everyday matters are the ones that matter most to a writer, they are the moments that are dissected for understanding and relevance and incorporated into the writing.

So, ALIVE is born from these motivations on a personal level for me. For the record, it began with Star Wars, proceeded to Star Trek as well. I began reading the Star Wars novels and then moved on to other science-fiction. I became inspired. Wordsmithing became a way of life for me the moment I wrote my first short-story, That very short was the core idea of ALIVE and I began to plan out a future-history of my own.